From February 14 to 18, 2024, the salon des indépendants presented for the first time in the world : MARIOUPOL 2022, the very large table (300 x 205 cm) painted especially for the documentary « Mariupol, unlost hope », by Max Lytvynov (produced by OUP Documentary).  On this occasion,  Olesia TROFYMENKO, the painter, had specially made the trip from Kyiv to present her work.

Photo galleries of the the exhibition

Salon des indépendants - Exposition du tableau Mariupol2022 - Olesia Trofymenko

From left to right : Viktoria GULENKO : Director of the Ukrainian cultural center in Paris, Jacques DALOZE : Président of ART CAPITAL, Jacques ROCHVARGER : President of salon des Indépendants, Olesia TROFYMENKO : painter of the  MARIUPOL 2022 painting, Vadym OMELCHENKO : Ambassador of Ukraine in France, Olga SANSONE : Co-organizer of the arrival of the painting in France,
Stéphane DALMAT : Co-organizer of the arrival of the painting in France, Jean-Pierre PASTERNAK : Président of the Union of Ukrainians of France.

Photo credits : Simon-Michel MOORE – Olesia TELIZHENKO – ® All rights reserved